About Us

Kipekee Studio is a boutique woodworking company owned and operated by us, husband and wife, Michael and Kylie Bornman in our workshop situated on the beautiful east coast of South Africa. Together, we create original quality furniture; handcrafted with passion, care and most of all – love. In what seems to be a very complicated world we try to fulfil a minimal, natural and beautiful aesthetic with all our products being built to last. We seek to create meaningful items through simple yet sophisticated design, and above all, remain true to the natural aesthetic of the raw material we’re using.

As we wrestle with the challenges of running and growing a micro-business, our aim is to not only create products that our customers cherish but also ensure that we do as much good as we can along the way. We believe that we have a winning combination in leveraging the calling on our lives and using it to serve others through our work.  

Kipekee Studio is a family adventure. It’s run solely by us, and our three wildlings Fynnley Grace, Willow Wylde and Jory Judah. They're beautiful, feisty, flat out fun, always dirty and full of adventure. They love being in the studio with us, playing with the tools and building all of the creations with off cuts. We love Jesus and we love to serve Him. We love the outdoors and its beauty; it brings great value to our lives. We love going on adventures, exploring and discovering new things, eating a few too many speckled eggs and enjoying a good cup of coffee. We value our marriage, our little family and our big community, we value quality time and being present together in every moment. We seek simplicity and dream of making this Kipekee adventure come to fruition.

"Appreciation is an excellent thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us, as well."

- Volataire